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Welcome to AGOH

Mission Statement

Major trends and market opportunities in the global energy industry and the need to help all humanity and reduce global poverty using God’s given natural resources and other forms of technological advancement for clean energy development in the 21st century have led the Atlantic Gulf Oil Holdings Organization to engaged its creative and innovative services to expand its global reach in the Oil and Gas industries, as well as global energy venture worldwide. The AGOH Organization intends to invest in global energy industries and global micro business enterprises in order to help all humanity, which we considered our moral responsibility as God’s Superior human Attributes, the “human race”.

Objectives, Dreams and Aspirations:

During the years 2010 - 2015, the Atlantic Gulf Oil Holdings Organization intends to become one of the first major global energy membership organization to have engaged in the petroleum industry and products supplier in the E-marketplace, where gross investment and net income would exceed $500 Billion Dollars in assets accumulation with cash flow potential.

The Atlantic Gulf Oil Holdings Organization will be consolidating its hold in the business of global finance and global energy development, investment, international economic development, global micro-enterprises and community banking, as well as granting of micro-loans to cooperatives in rural communities in developing and third world nations for development in micro-enterprises, agriculture, green energy and mining.

Due to the advent of E-commerce solutions, the oil and gas industry revenue stream is rapidly changing course of procurement from upstream (exploration and crude oil trading) to downstream (gas and oil distribution). To maintain a competitive edge, management at AGO Holdings Organization and its affiliates have determined that it is in the Organization’s best interest to develop and deliver a Supply Chain in Management approach to the distribution of worldwide energy products and services.